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We have release our new Minors Matter 2013 Flyer.  Download a copy today!

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Legislative Wrap Up:

The URA has been busy representing you at the state capital during January, February and as the 2013 legislative session wrapped up in March. As many of you know and are aware this session saw some major debate over food handler permits, liquor laws and the role of government competition. The URA fought diligently to represent you on all of these major issues that can effect the daily operations of your business and finances. It is true that after a hard fought battle and approval by the house, the senate was still vehemently committed to upholding the notorious “zion curtain” but the URA has not given up on this issue. We continue to negotiate on your behalf and are currently exploring all avenues to address this issue. We were however able to procure the future of our dining clubs whose license fills a very important niche in the dining culture of the state of Utah. We are aware and minimized fines imposed on restaurants who violate DABC statutes and are currently working to help you encourage all you employees who handle alcohol to check ID’s. We want to work with you and make it our industry standard statewide to have no more service to minors!!